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A Ray of Hope Amid Turmoil and Despair

décembre 17
12:38 2010

 Upon Dr. Foucauld’s advice, GCF successfully pursued a medical Visa for Yasmine as the organization that will ensure her safe journey from and to Haiti.  Yasmine is now in South Florida preparing for Cardiovascular surgery which will be performed by Dr. Arthur Katz, Cardiovascular Surgeon at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.  Dr. Foucauld, Dr. Katz and Palm Beach Medical Center have accepted to care for Yasmine regardless of her ability to pay.  The surgery is expected to be risky and complex, but GCF and Yasmine have faith and trust that all will go well.  

A sincere and heart-felt THANKS to: 

  • Dr. Jean Foucauld
  • Dr. Arthur Katz
  • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center

Dr. Foucauld, Dr. Katz, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and GCF are living proof that a miracle is about to happen for Yasmine, with the affirmation that it pays to have faith and determination amid all the turmoil and all the despair that currently reign in Haiti.  GCF will keep you posted on Yasmine’s journey.

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